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A Trip To Mahur – The 8th Shakthipeetha,Powerful Ekaveeradevi!

Mahur is the most awaiting trip for my husband since two years. Mahur is famous for the 8th Shakti Peetham known as Ekaveera Devi Peetham. Ekaveera Devi is one of the 18 Shakti Peethas where the right arm fell here. My husband’s wish is to show all the 18 Shakti Peethas to his parents till now my in-laws have covered 7 to 9 Shakti Peethas and this is 4th for  me.  As a my in laws came from Rajahmundry for summer vacation to Hyderabad,we panned to visit Mahur.

Now how to reach Mahur from Secunderabad???? What are the places that we have to visit in Mahur???

Mahur or Mahurgad is a town and a religious place in Nanded district, Maharashtra, India. We started from Secunderabad. The only train to reach Mahur from Secunderabad is Krishna express. We boarded the train around 9:30pm on Friday night from Secunderabad station. Next morning we got down at Kinwat station around 5:50 am. The only facility to reach Mahur is by bus which is 50km from Kinwat. So we went to Kinwat Bus stand by auto with a charge of 10 rupees per person. It is around 6:05am. The buses are coming one by one. The bus stand is full of passengers. Our mahur bus came which goes to Nagpur from then. The people are rushing towards the bus, then my husband ran and thrown his hankie on one of the seats in the bus from the bus window. At last all of us got into the bus. Somehow we four were adjusted in seats. The bus ticket from Kinwat to Mahur is 51 rupees. The bus journey is through thick forest with very few halts. We reached Mahur around 7:20am. Mahur is a small town. We reached Hotel Krishna Palace,where we reserved a room via web. It is around 1km from Mahur bus stand.  We checked into the Hotel which is very clean and neat inside. We are very much satisfied with the facilities in the room. We hurried up and got fresh. Then we went to nearby Udipi Restaurant for breakfast around 9:10am. After breakfast my husband and my father-in-law called an Autowala to EKAVEERA DEVI Temple. He asked around Rupees 500 to cover all the temples which are situated in and around Mahur town. Then our most awaiting journey started  towards  the 8th Shakti Peetham by 9:30am.

Ekaveera Shakti Peetham is situated in a small village called HEURE. The distance between the Heure and Mahur village is around 5 to 8 KMS.  It is bright, sunny day. On the way we saw a board on which we noticed telugu words 8వ శక్తి పీఠం శ్రీ ఏకవీర మందిరం.

Though this place was not in Andhra or Telangana but it was written in Telugu than any other language. Then we went to the Peetham. Here another surprising thing is we could hardly see 3-5 persons in the temple. There we saw the board with the details of Pujas performed like for Harathi 50rs, Pooja 100rs,Abhishekam 500rs. All the above details were written in telugu.

Mostly telugu people visits this temple. We have taken ticket for pooja & Harati. We performed harathi on our own because we did  not see any priest there,we felt that one should be very lucky to do this and we were very happy,we offered saree and bangles to the diety,the idol of Ekaveera Devi is looking very powerful.

The Temple is not like a Shakti peetham it is looking like very simple. Then we took some photographs in the temple and we left the temple around 10:30am.

This was the temple of the 8th Shakti Peetham Ekaveera Devi.

In the same auto we came back to Mahur. Then we went to Mahurgad. It is being over a hill. In that hill 4 famous Temples are situated known as

  1. Atri and Anasuya Temple
  2. Jagadguru Dattatreya Swamy Temple
  3. Renuka Mata Temple
  4. Parasuram Temple

First we went Atri and Anasuya Temple. It takes 15 to 25 min to reach that temple. Half of the way is very comfortable but another half is under construction so it is very bumpy. It is quite uncomfortable. Then we reached the Atri and Anasuya Temple. Here the very critical task comes that we should climb more than 150 steps in the hot sunny day.  My father in law and myself climbed very easily, but my husband and my mother-in-law found it difficult to make it all the way. Here we can notice that the temple is full of monkeys,they are loking for some food from us,then first we went to Atri temple and then to Anasuya temple. It’s a typical hot sunny day, so our feet are burning like anything. There we got a fine Dharshan of two goddesses then we came down by the same steps.

 Then we went to Jagadguru Dattatreya Swamy Temple. Mahur is known be the birth place of lord Dattatreya. In this temple we saw monkeys performing Pooja to Shiva lingams  and a dog performing Pooja to Lord Kala Bhairava. We were surprised.

 Monkeys performing pooja at Shiva Lingam

Bhairava  performing  pooja at Kala Bhairava Temple

This was the Temple of Jagadguru Dattatreya Swamy.

Then we came to Renuka Mata temple. There we came know to that people worship Renuka Mata than Ekavera Devi. For the people of Maharastra Renuka Mata Temple is shakti Peetham to them. Here there is a story behind this temple. Mahur has a sacred temple to Renuka Mata, which is considered one of the three and half Shakti Peethas  in the state. A big fair is held here every year on the occasion of Vijayadashami.

 When Sahasrarjun attacked Renuka Devi, while somewhere in today’s Telangana, for he wanted to grab the Sacred Kamdhenu cow . When Renuka Mata refused to him that saying as king gift of your own choice by the guest visitor is uncalled. He attacked her & injured her. She dies in this & when Lord Parshuram knew about it, he went berserk. Then the elderly people pacified him & asked him to do the last rites in Mahur under Dattatreya’s guidance. Then he was told by him that Renuka Mata will appear on first mountain for you to worship. This became the famous Renuka Mata temple. The “Matru Tirth” (means sacred place for Mother’s worship) Place on this Mountain is the one which is where today stands a lake, is “Antyeshti Sthan” (Means place where last rites were performed).

It is a typical Marati Temple. Here another very critical task comes that we should climb more than 200 steps. We slowly climbed the mountain. we had a fine Dharshan of  Renuka Mata. Some people are performing pooja infront of Mata. Here the Prasadam is pan. Then we climbed down more than 150 steps to Lord Parasuram temple which is situated down  the hill of Renuka Mata.  While coming down my mother-in-law and myself had some lemon juice. The water used in the preparation of  juice is not good, so it is advisable not to drink the lemon juice. We came down  around 2:10pm. We thought of going back to the hotel for lunch and take  rest. But our Autowala said there was another temple down near by and we can visit that temple also. We said ok and went. It is a temple called Dattatreya’s Nidrasthan. We went there & came to hotel Krishna Palace for lunch around 2:30pm.

The Autowala is such a nice person he covered all the temples in Mahur very politely & patiently. Though he is Muslim he had shown all temples to us. His name is Khaja 50 years old and had a great dedication towards his profession.We were very much impressed with the way he has shown all the places to us.My husband gave extra 50 rupees to him, but he refused to take. My husband took his phone number and he left. We sat and ordered food then, my father-in-law came to know that he had forgotten his glasses in the last temple. Then my husband made a phone call to Autowala. Within 5mins he came my father-in-law went with him for glasses he got them and came back.  My father -in-law tried to give money for him, but he refused to take. Pls opt him if you are in Mahur,his number – 7350690716

Here we only get Marati food. We ordered North Tali of 100 rupees which is worth. We went to hotel room and took rest for 2hrs.  Then we got fresh checked out the room. The hotel room is quite satisfactory to us.

It is around 5:40 pm my in-laws had some tea. My husband and myself went to eat some Pani Puri. The Pani Puri is not good so don’t eat that in Mahur,then I had badam milk(ok ok),then we got into the auto to reach Mahur bus stand. We reach there we get into the bus after getting into the bus we got to know that it was the last before bus to reach Kinwat. We thought we were lucky. The bus started at around 6:30 pm. We reached Kinwat around 7:30 pm. There we ate food at hotel poornima at Jija Mata Chowk .The food here is good. Then we reached Kinwat station by auto.The Platform is in very bad condition without any facilities and full of garbage but upper class waiting room is ok . Train (Krishna express) came around 9:20pm we got to into train. Next day morning we  reached Secunderabad around 6:00am.

At last I conclude that we 4 people successfully completed Mahur trip within 1 day. We reached safely and took half day rest to get rid of body pains. And next we are going to another Shakti Peetham which is situated in Maharashtra  itself  that is KOLAHAPUR on June 1st. 😀😃

Mahur Bus Stand –  02460-268424

Hotel Krishna palace- 02460-268268

Khaja(Autowala) – 7350690716

Pic Credits – A.Raj Gopal

Author -  B.L.SAVITHRI



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