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Things not to miss out in Rajahmundry

Once you are in the holy city of Rajahmundry,you should not miss out these.

1.Sipping famous Rose Milk

Rosemilk is the word which we listen mostly in Rajahmundry. This is a very famous drink with many essential nutrient values.Rosemilk it is totally made of milk with accurate fat value and naturally made rose essence.

Rosemilk was started in the year 1948 by Mrs Gubba Simhachalam . He is an ordinary citizen of Rajahmundry tried a delicious health drink which was like a boon to his life and not only that he is the 1st person who introduced KOVA sweet in  Rajahmundry. Rosemilk was introduced with the cost of  1 Anna’s (means 6p).He started this business with a small equipment in main bazar.This was maintained by Mrs Simhachalam till 1982.

Later this business was maintained by his two son’s Mrs Gubba Ramachandra Rao and Mrs Gubba Srinivas Rao from 1982 to the present day. Now this has been developed by his both son’s

like a small production unit with 20 workers in our Rajahmundry main bazar at the corner of Nallamandhu Street beside a transformer.At present we can see people coming from other surrounding places,villages, Cities and States too.This is a very famous drink till now from 1948’s under the authority of his both son’s with a great zeal in their souls for excellence and completed 60 year’s.In this production unit is also helping some poor by giving them some work in it.

They can supply this drink around 200 kms from Rajahmundry along with suppliers for all kinds of occasions.They don’t have any branches anywhere in or around Rajahmundry.They will also take orders in phone by taking half amount as advance before one day.

2. Viewing Godavari Bridges


It is pleasant to see the train passing in the bottom portion and vehicles moving on the top portion of road-cum-rail bridge on the godavari river at rajahmundry especially in the sun set time with boats moving under the bridge.

Only who will see the scene from the godavari bund called locally godavari gattu. If you can spend evenings in Rajahmundry this is the one should not miss.

3. Watching the river flow when in full swing at Dowaleswaram Barrage


The Godavari River is a major waterway in India, next to the Ganges and Indus rivers. Godavari River – Description. The river is about 1,450 km (900 miles) long. It rises at Trimbakeshwar, near Nasik and Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in Maharashtra around 380 km distance from the Arabian Sea, flows southeast across south-central India into Andhra Pradesh, and empties into the Bay of Bengal. At Dowlaiswaram, approximately 10 kms downstream of Rajahmundry, 80 km from the coast, the river splits into two arms.

4. Getting Lrishna’s darshan in Iskcon Temple


A huge Krishna temple has been constructed by the ISKCON foundation on the banks of River Godavari in Rajahmundry. Popularly called as Gowthami Ghat, it is a major attraction for the young population as a recreational center. The International Sri Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) centre here is supposedly the second biggest spiritual centre in South India, after Bangalore. Sri Krishna Chaitanya Maha Prabhu, who was worshiped as the incarnation of Lord Krishna about 500 years ago, was the first saint to launch `Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ sankeerthana movement. Devotees are drawn to the simplicity of the experience and the air of serenity that pervades the temple and its verdant premises.

5. Worshipping the linga in Kotilingeswara Temple


This is the point where people catch a ferry to cross the mighty Godavari River. It also has steps that provide access to the bathing ghats, which dot the banks of the river. Kotilingalarevu is home to the Kotilingeshwara Temple, which was constructed between the 10th and 11th centuries.

According to local legends, when Lord Indra was cursed by Gautama, a sage, he made a Shivalinga and anointed with the waters from ten million rivers to free himself from the curse. This is the reason why the temple is known as Kotilingeshwara Temple.

Another legend claims that the site of the temple used to home to 10 million Shivalingas; while one more legend says that the temple site was the place where Ravana, the demon king, used to pray to Lord Shiva.

6. The name says it all “Chitrangi Palace”


This is a palace and the royal residence named after Chitrangi, the second wife of king Raja Raja Narendhra. There is a legend about the king Raja Raja Narendhra and his second wife Chitrangi, which had been made in to a popular play. The story was that Raja Raja Narendra married Chitrangi, who was originally intended to be his son Sarangadhar bride. Unable to overcome her love for Sarangadhara, Chitrangi, plotted and made the Prince visit her palace in the King absence. Her advances towards him, was rejected by the righteous Prince. To avenge her insult she went to the King, concocted a story and falsely accused the Prince of molesting her. As a result, the King punished the Prince and ordered that the prince hands and feet be severed as punishment.


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